I Hate the Gym

Frequency and Duration
Intro 4 days/ week, 20-25min
Intermediate 5 days/ week, 25-35min
Intense 5 days/week 30-35min
Extreme 5 days/ week 30-40min
Location Anywhere
online home fitness workout program

Virtually Fit understands that you may not like to go to a gym to workout, maybe you prefer to be outdoors in the park, open field breathing in the fresh air around you. Perhaps you are intimidated by the gym and all the heavy looking equipment or male egos that you have to compete with to get on the exercise equipment that you want to use.

No need to worry, Virtually Fit has a proven home exercise plan that allows you to workout on your terms- at home, at work or at the park, anywhere, Anytime! This home fitness program is a well rounded workout focusing on increasing endurance and cardio-vascular strength, burning fat and calories, managing BMI, toning muscles or building muscular strength. The home workout program levels range from beginner exercises to extreme boot camp workouts there's something for everyone.

The online home fitness exercise plan is designed specially for your personal fitness goals. A trainer will develop an exercise plan using resistance or interval training methods to match your fitness goals. This home fitness program is designed to be the most efficient and effective way to burn fat and calories and increase your fitness level. The combination of online home workout videos will help you to lose weight and inches on your waist, legs, arms, tone your muscles, condition your heart and lungs, or build muscles and strength. You will start seeing and feeling the results before you know it with our home fitness programs

Virtually Fit has designed online home fitness videos to help you easily reach your fitness goals! The fitness videos are easy to follow and if your have never done an exercise program before you will find them easy to do. These work out videos are for women or men as the home exercise plan is designed personally for you and your unique fitness goals. All you have to do is sign up and then a personal trainer will speak personally with you about your home workout fitness goals. A home fitness program will be developed to suit you fitness goals and then your trainer will send you an easy to follow personalized exercise plan including fitness videos tailored specifically to lose weight and inches.

Virtually Fit is your home fitness workout experts! We design online home fitness exercise plans and weight loss programs that you can comfortably do in your own home, outside at the park, or anywhere you wish. These personal workout plans are designed by a certified personal trainer that you can ask questions to about your home workout and your trainer will provide support for you throughout your fitness workout plan.

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