Client Testimonials

Virtually Fit Personal Trainer Workout Client Testimonials


" Before finding Virtually Fit, I went to a gym for over a year. I worked hard on the cardio machines and weights trying to lose some fat. I saw some results in the first few weeks, but after that I didn't make any more progress. I looked online for some information and happened to stumble across Virtually Fit and decided to give it a shot.

I've been a member for about 8 months now and have never looked or felt so in shape! I've lost inches from my waist and my new muscles have given me muscle definition I didn't know I could get. I get a new program each month that is catered to my needs and everything on the site is so easy to use and very affordable.

The best part is that I got rid of my gym membership, so my trainer at Virtually Fit makes me programs I can do at home or in the park. With the price, convenience and most of all results, I'll be a client forever!
" Stephanie, Alberta, Canada

Our trainers pride themselves on designing the workouts our clients need to meet their personal fitness goals. Email us to with any questions or sign up now and get your own personal trainer to design a workout specifically for your needs.